WUTA New Leather Chisel All-Polished Leather Die-Steel Chisel French Style Pricking Iron Sharp Leather Punching Tool Kits, Obverse 3.38 mm 2 Teeth+8 Teeth.

  • Original design! Material: DC53 Cold-work Die Steel, especially applied in punch mold making. This chisel is strong in hardness with high tenacity and great anti-rust property. We adopt this kind of steel to make sure our chisel is of the best quality, meanwhile, it can indeed “serve” better in your craft projects.
  • Entirely polished: from handle to prongs helps you to pull our a leather easier. Gorgeous design and handy shape. The stitching hole shape is almost the same perfect as Blanchard.
  • Multiple standards: 4 models, Model 7 (3.85mm prong-spacing),Model 8 (3.38mm prong-spacing),Model 9 (3.0mm prong-spacing)Model 10(2.7mm prong-spacing) Each size with 2 standards.Model 7 and Model 8, one with two prongs, the other with eight prongs. Model 9 and Model 10, one with two prongs, the other with five prongs. Prongs are in 9.8 mm length, this sharp punch can easily go through 4.5mm or 11oz leather.
  • Dimensions: Overall length:116mm, Handle width:13mm, Handle tall:8.2mm, Prong length:9.8mm,Prongwidth:Model10 1.6mm,Model9 1.8mm,Model8 2.2mm,Model7 2.4mm,Prong lip thickness:0.2mm.
  • Obverse and reverse direction: Chisels are with obverse prongs or reverse prongs. When you look down the holes punched by an obverse chisel, the hole goes “up” from left to right. Holes punched by reverse chisel, from left to right, it goes “down.” This is to meet the higher need for punching and stitching. Furthermore, you can punch holes on both sides of the leather with these two kinds of directions.