Double head Engraving Marking pen, 9.5 Mohs hardness Engraving pen 2 Pack Comparable to diamond hardness for Glass Metal Wood Ceramics Stone Por.

  • 【Well-tested】Durable tungsten carbide tip, Comparable to the hardness of diamonds. Works effortlessly on hard materials, including hardened steel, stainless steel, ceramics, and glass. One-time briquetting tungsten carbide tip is more durable than others and not easy to drop.
  • 【No Magnet No annoying】Some tungsten carbide scriber is designed with a magnet head on them, But in most of these situations is that they work very annoying and useless mostly. Because the magnet likes to pick everything up with it.
  • 【2=4 Double head design】So we add another Tungsten carbide to another side and that mean you get two tungsten scriber and no need to exchange the tip, and this also mean this kind of scriber have a more durable tip.
  • 【Hardness is comparable to diamond】This scriber’s Mohs high up 9.5 comparable diamond. It can be said that apart from diamonds, they can leave clear marks on any material. The service life is also extremely good.
  • 【Warranty】Not satisfied with a full refund within one month and 24 months free replacement.